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What kind of certificate will I receive?

The certificate's are based on information that conveys to employers, program managers, contracting officers, and contracting officer representatives, and other specific information needed to pursue credible long-term employment or demonstrate capabilities towards contracting, business development, and much more.

Can I visit the Education Center?

Due to COVID, we are now hosting our programs online through our private Canvas Portal, for the time being.  We will let everyone know when we switch back to in-seat classes.  We appreciate everyone's patience.

Where can I find your program schedule?

Click below for the class schedule

What is the price per program for tuition?

Each program is unique and has a different cost.  Please click below to see tuition costs of our programs.

Is AVPS an accredited institution?

American Veteran Professional Services LLC is currently seeking accreditation with several institutions.  Currently, our company leverages experience and accredited degrees as principals of credibility.  We look forward to obtaining accreditation in the near future.

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