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Hire right the first time

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Not a staffing agency

No staffing fees or contract buyouts

Custom Process

Simplify and significantly enhance internal hiring

Return on investment

Immediate return on investment


American Veteran Professional Services innovative program HireVerge enables organizations to create highly effective hiring systems.  Gone are the days of paying staffing agencies fees, contract buyouts, and dealing with the headache of high turnover rates.  Finding the correct person the first time is complicated and encompasses many factors as you know.  HireVerge trains your human resource staff on the origin of how and why businesses are growing their competitive advantages through human capital.  By doing so, HR is able to create targeted factors and integrate high talent individuals the first time around.   

Save Time. Grow. Learn.

RETURN ON Investment

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Fists in Solidarity

We know there are lots of government services, private programs, seminars, classes, and businesses that provide insight or guidance on how and who to hire.  We developed HireVerge because we recognized the continued significant need for businesses to obtain and retain talent to assist with business growth.

By evaluating the companies hiring practice, market position, job postings, and public communications, we are able to determine how the company needs to hire.  This information paves the way to redesign, create, or add to existing hiring strategy.  These strategies enhance the effectiveness of locating an individual that fits into the company through cultural dynamics, experience, future potential, and much more.

After establishing a streamlined quality management system for hiring, companies can repeat this process and obtain talent and most importantly, retain team members long-term.  Consolidating all of this information reduces time, adds shareholder value, and employee satisfaction.  This equates to significant competitive advantages.


For companies looking to hire and retain top talent

Learn about how our workforce is changing and keep pace

Create in-house systems and save money and time

Simplify the hiring process and gain immediate ROI

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~ One Month


Integrate ideas

On Your Time

Morning Day Night

Human Resource

Enhance HR effectiveness

Set Goals

We create deadlines

Job Reviews

Increase job satisfaction

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