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Incline  Certification

You benefit from Growth because we show you everything about the implications before growth, during growth, and managing after growth through our new techniques.

Certificate of Training

Online | 16 Classes | 2 Months | 1.5 Hour Per Class


American Veteran Professional Services innovative programs create a new way to think of how we learn and understand many challenges in our daily lives.  Our programs have been influenced by business owners and professionals seeking answers that have never been provided.  The programs are designed for small interactive cohorts ensuring you gain true benefits because your time is the most valuable asset.  Don't just learn, change your future.


What benefits could you capture if you know exactly how growth in a business worked before, during, and after it?  Scenario:  your business is growing or you consider growing so you enroll in this module and see everything that is about to happen to your company before hand. 

Growth challenges need solutions based on data, not instinct.  In this program, you will learn beneficial methods that analyze your companies patterns and leverage data to tame growth.  By doing so, you will learn how to template problems, compare, forecast outcomes, and make credible predictions.  After, you will visualize your data.  By the end of Incline, the cohort will be able to realize a companies growth patterns, current growth data, and the power of predicting your companies growth.  This program will help you visualize all components of your company in easy-to-learn methods so that you can overcome growth challenges and sustain success.

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Analyze best practices before, during, and after growth

Indicators of growth failure and prevention methods

Growth by sectors of the economy

Data drive analytics, forecasting, and prediction


Course Length

Two Month

Taught By


Classes Per Week


Class Size

Under 15 students

Duration of Class

1.5 Hours


100% Online


Many takeaways are relevant in this class because of the new information provided.

Identify, assess, and analyze the components that make growth, which provides you a different perception of the future for your business.

Thoroughly assess growth based on real world scenarios, the impact of data, why companies fail growth, and the opportunity to explore inside our business.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of how businesses create successful growth patterns, using data for predictions, and comprehend aspects of growth. 


A Certificate of Training that provides beneficial information about what you have learned so that you can use it in many different circumstances.


Those thinking about growing their business or getting into contracting for growth.

Entrepreneurs seeking direction or answers that have not been provided.

Anyone wanting to understand how growth work and where opportunity is located.

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