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Survival    Certification

You benefit from Survival because we show you everything about revenue control, the start of a quality management systems, capital management, and further failure prevention with the key to survival. 

Certificate of Training

Online | 16 Classes | 2 Months | 1.5 Hour Per Class


American Veteran Professional Services innovative programs create a new way to think of how we learn and understand many challenges in our daily lives.  Our programs have been influenced by business owners and professionals seeking answers that have never been provided.  The programs are designed for small interactive cohorts ensuring you gain true benefits because your time is the most valuable asset.  Don't just learn, change your future.


Many programs, schools, and non-profit organizations provide entre​preneurs with resources to assist with them with starting a business or growing it.  How many programs are available that show you how to prevent growth failure, survive expansion, and overcome other barriers taught by those who have real life experience with business failure and business rescue?

Growth mitigation is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, especially since the dawn of COVID.  Throughout the module, you will create a foundation to reinforce your businesses growth framework and create tools designed to indicate problematic choices.  You will also strengthen your companies competitive advantage through strategy, identify 

vehicles for CRM, and implement quality control measures.  Finally, you will explore companies that have failed and why they have failed further reinforcing your understanding of overcoming different barriers of business ownership.

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Comprehension of growth barriers and the development of tools for growth.

Framework development for future barriers encountered.

Micro and macro business growth and best practices

Tools for integrating CRM and the benefits of IT


Course Length

Two Months

Taught By


Classes Per Week


Class Size

Under 15 students

Duration of Class

1.5 Hours


100% Online


Many takeaways are relevant in this class because of the new information provided.

Identify, assess, and analyze the components that make up growth and failure, which provides you a different perception of the future for your business.

Thoroughly assess growth and framework in real world scenarios, the of impact growth with examples, why companies fail growth, and a look at our internal systems.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of how businesses sustain growth, the organization of CRM, and integrating information technology. 


A Certificate of Training that provides beneficial information about what you have learned so that you can use it in many different circumstances.


Those wanting to grow, are growing, or those having difficulties with growth organization.

Entrepreneurs wanting to see what happens during growth and after growth before they decide to expand.

Anyone wanting to understand how growth work and how growth is sustained.

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