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The Alliance of American Veteran Professional Services
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Sharing Knowledge Through Experience and Ideas.

Our membership is designed by active business owners and active working professionals for first hand information to answer any question you have and mentor you. 


We take the time to explain what happens behind the scenes of careers, business growth, contracting, and also provide one-on-one mentorship to ensure you the most benefits.

From any military member to working people, we created the membership around life.

Easy Systems for Learning
Online Learning
Military Programs
Spend Time on YOU!
On Our Time
No More Stress
For Dads Too

Online learning and discounts to our programs so you can learn at the pace of your life.

Dedicated staff that are here to help long-term.  We do not just speak or send you off to some video to learn.

Our membership is unique because we have specific enrollment periods, or membership by invitation only.

Meet people who have overcome obstacles you may be experiencing and collaborate to achieve solutions.

Speak to active professionals who help run organizations so you understand what is really going on.


To create and foster an environment for our members that delivers effective training and economic gain. 


The Alliance of American Veteran Professional Services is the trusted membership of expertise in career and business development.

Strategic Priorities

The Alliance Vision will be achieved through focus on three key strategic priorities:

Membership Value

Providing our members with updated intelligence, digital information, and opportunities.

Providing local, state, and national information to assist our members achieve informed decisions. 

Identifying, recognizing, and communicating excellence in our community.


Creating competitive advantages and increasing value for both personal gain and career or business progression so our Alliance fosters talent.

Advocating for excellence and success across institutions of higher learning, local, state, and national professional programs.

Achieving the credibility as the top source for training, business development, and career navigation. 


Collaborating with educational institutions, industry leaders, and those seeking to create economic and personal value.

Creating, fostering, and promoting a culture of vision across The Alliance of AVPS setting new standards for membership and mentorship programs.


The Alliance of American Veteran Professional Services Membership is motivated by members for member benefits and our value proposition seeds three core components:




Shared Knowledge

The Alliance recognizes excellence through awards and community recognition.

The Alliance collects intelligence and distributes information that assists members success.

The Alliance creates new opportunities for career navigation, business growth, and knowledge. 

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Our membership value proposition also encompasses our own unique social media platform, Intwine.  When you become a valued member, Intwine is included, but what is Intwine?

Consolidated personal interaction with mentors, coaches, and more.

Design based on a social media platform because we knew some questions cannot wait.

Access to public and private forms for many different opportunities and problem solving tools.

Consolidated personal interaction with mentors, coaches, and much more.

Career Membership
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Our Career Membership enables those seeking to start a career or transition into another career understand how the economy works first hand.  This is important because we provide the small and big picture so that you can see how it all works and where opportunity is.  We show you how to look at companies and see everything about them prior to choosing to apply for a position.

Throughout our years of business ownership and also being employed by businesses, we learned how to teach and mentor people how to choose a business that has the most potential so that your time is spent towards goals and benefits for you and your family.  The Career Membership doesn't just teach you, we show you how and help you from start to end!  We feel our value in this membership reside in the way we show you how careers, business, and your future tie together.  We did all of this with easy-to-learn stuff.

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Military Membership consists of many different factors:

We took our military training and built programs that communicate how the civilian world works using the military as an example so you understand. 

No more complicated programs, join our Alliance to see what we have created and how you and your family can significantly benefit.  Save time and see how it all works!

Built the economy into a military structure so that transition or careers are easy to understand.  

Created our own way of showing military members, like us, how and where to find an opportunity that fits our military training, jobs, and leadership so that we can provide value to others while giving us the opportunity to shine.

Military Membership
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Business Membership
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The Business Membership was developed to show entrepreneurs everything about business, how organizations go from small to medium to large companies, and what your not told and why.  We found out why this information has been so hard to locate. 

Understand your idea and the future of it

Meet other business owners of small, medium, and large corporations

First hand insight how companies are growing

Gain significant insight on decision making before decisions are made

Use real companies to reference yours

Locate a mentor that helps you fill in the gaps and create significant advantages

Awards to our staff for fostering a creative environment, innovation, community support, dedication, and determination towards commitment.
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