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Programs for Military Only

Apply Your Military Training To Surpass Competition

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We offer military only training...

Along with KonVerge, WorkVerge, GovCon, and HireVerge, we also offer similar programs designed specifically for military personnel.  These programs encompass easy-to-learn methods so that you can leverage your military training and convert it over to the civilian sector.  Why is this important?  By doing so, your military training is expanded upon, turning all that you learned in the military into a continued competitive advantage.  Below is link to an example of how our military programs differ from our open programs.

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Find one of our programs that works for you or contact us and let us help you explore your options.

Register for the program of your choice and receive your login, rubric, and materials. 

Introduce yourself and become familiar with your cohort and start learning about your future.

Successfully complete the program and receive the certificate to help you create success!

Admission Into Our Military Programs

Free Introduction Classes

We offer free introduction classes on a consistent basis for military personnel.  These free classes provide you an idea and some concepts of what we explore in the programs that we offer.

Please remember, in order to attend these free classes we require proof of military service!

Program Admission

Our tuition costs are flexible and change depending on your specific situation.  Please call us to discuss costs and programs. 

Please remember, in order to attend our full programs we require proof of military service!

Download the admissions application below with the link.  When you are finished filling it out, please email it to  Please make sure to include all supporting documents along with the application!

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